Floor Work

Inner running board panels.

Shoaib painting the running boards.

Nizaam Saab started to remove the old partially rusted inner running board.

Inner running board removed.

Nizaam Saab taking measurements to start the patch work.

Cutting the upper part of outer running board as it's partially rusted and is very weak.

New piece ready to be welded.

Painting the Inside part of Outer running board.

Painted the primer to 3inches of new Floor Panel.

No updates today - Feb 25th.

Work updates on Feb 26th and 27th:

Cleaned the floor with vacuum cleaner! 

New running board


Inner running board welded.

Full view of right side running board.

Small rusts in wheel arch covered.

Right side, rear work over!

Small patch work near the accelerator

Work on left side floor: