Body Work

All parts stripped by ME! My FIAT is ready to be towed to tinker.

Nizaam the tinker finally started off with body tinkering.

First the dicky bottom piece. One drunken bastard has hit my FIAT a decade ago when I had parked her on a main road near house. I had no License back then. Sister argued with that drunkard and he finally gave 700Rs for repair.

On 21st,  Nizaam bought the Dicky bottom piece.

After this started the tinkering of right rear mudguard. This part was hit in 2001, again I didn't have DL then. This time a Maruti hit from behind leaving a BIG dent. After few days, me and my friend tinkered the dent a bit and filled with a kg of metal paste! It was a good experience! :)

Finally the dent being repaired!
 Removing the metal paste.

All done. Zero metal paste!

Final day of tinkering!

 Tinkering done.

Towed back home

Exact three weeks, tinkering job is complete. I spent daily around 6 hours with tinker. Enough of time spent for now! FIAT is towed back home. Rest of the work will be carried out here it self. Extremely happy with the results. I really had to sweat out for this!

Tinkering totally costed me:
Tinkering: 18,000
Towing: 2500
Bondo: 230